Projects and Memories

by Antonio Annunziata


The encounter of two teenagers at the threshold of the twenty-first Century will lead us to revisit the last twenty years’ period as reflected by the passions and hopes, illusions, anxieties and doubts of two young lovers, who find themselves growing up in an Italy put at crossroads. On one side history’s great narration overflowed by the perils and contradictions of globalized civilization, the great themes of our times as seen from Italy: climate change, the Age of political and military imperialism at first, digital and information-technological at second; the unravelling of a national political class – Italy as a gym for past and present revolutions. On the other side, every day’s life of two teenagers, rich and complex, who cannot but filter the scene unravelled on History’s canvas through their local and family-bias, the impulses and wounds received during the development of their personalities, which will unite to separate them in the moment going to decide their story. Chiara and Gabriele, you and me, all of us and those we love, will separate themselves as to begin their own journey, deviated, in order to reunite at the point where everything seems vanishing into the darkness of void, the critical moment which opens to the possibilities of infinity.

A movie can be everything. Not just because it always has to communicate with all kinds of art forms. It is an art form devoted to reality. The reality we see in a movie, is shaped by the emotional bonds we share with its interacting persons, animals, plants, objects and places. For me, a movie becomes a life changing experience, when its author tries to put all his memories on screen. A memory is always generated, but never limited by reality. With time passing by, it slowly takes on a life of its own. Looking at something as if it arose from the deepest part of your heart, means to open the world for your own vision of life. For those who have an open heart, there can be no misunderstanding. Maybe it cannot be described in words. But what you experience, is a reflection of your own life, and also a visionary, dream-like hope for its future: project and memory.