June 2019


AntonioAnnunziataAntonio Annunziata (Munich, 1987) lives and works in Rome. In 2015 he graduates in Comparative Literature, Theatre and Philosophy at Ludwig-Maximilian University of Munich (LMU), with a thesis on the Revolutionary Poetics Around 1800, and specializes in History and Theory of Cinema at the Institute of Theatre, and Philosophy of History at the Department of Philosophy. From his first term of studies onwards, he works as Tutor of French Letters for the Department of Romance Studies, and organizes as well as leads two cinema seminars at the Institute of Comparative Literature at LMU. Still a student, between 2012 and 2013 he translates and edits, in collaboration with Elisabeth Zoja, the poems’ book One Year Spoken out of the Night by Peter Handke for Moretti & Vitali.

After graduation, he decides to begin an autodidactic career as cinema director, and in 2016 shoots his first experimental short movie, Monster; or, Bride of Frankenstein, that offers a new method of presenting a fashion collection by focusing on the image of woman rather than commercializing a specific product. The short movie enters the La Jolla International Fashion Film Festival 2017, the world’s biggest market dedicated to audiovisual fashion products, but is out of competition. He continues his experimentations in search for a digital aesthetic by shooting a series of documentaries between 2016 and 2017, among which the nonfiction movie Vesuvio. An Anthem presenting the Vesuvio Project: a series of works that focus on stories taking place around mount Vesuvius.

He has worked as translator and subtitler for cinematographic postproduction, collaborated with Adriano Aprà, for whom he edited the cinema magazine Quaderni del CSCI 2018, and with whom he developed a concept of the PowerPoint as essay film by producing an exhaustive overview of Roberto Rossellini’s œuvre. The PowerPoint Rossellini’s Actuality has been premiered at the IV Fronteira Festival Internacional do Filme Documentário e Experimental. In 2018 he has been a member of the Cultural Society Fuorinorma, chaired by Adriano Aprà to promote the new Italian cinema. He is assistant director to Gianfranco Giagni for the documentary Dreams, Sex, and Broken Hearts (Readers’ Letters Tell), starring Anna Foglietta, and produced by Istituto Luce-Cinecittà. He also releases a new part in the Vesuvio Project’s sequel, The Count of Mondragone, that represents the greatest documentary oriented work he has been capable to realize since now. In October 2018 he directs the crowdfunding campaign Cashmere Revolution for his sister Maddalena Annunziata’s new brand, that in December reaches its goal to collect 20.000 €.

In April 2019 he applies for the eighth edition of Biennale College Cinema with a feature film project called You and Me in collaboration with Francesco Paolo Montini, CEO of Movie Factory of Rome. Actually, he is searching for a new producer.


Amoroma (Italy 2019, 4K, colour and b&w, 16:9, 7′)

Cashmere Revolution (Belgium 2018, HD, colour, 16:9, 2′ 23”)

Dreams, Sex, and Broken Hearts (Readers’ Letters Tell) (assistant director to

Gianfranco Giagni, Italy 2018, 4K, colour and b&w, varia, 55′)

Extra Doc Festival, MAXXI (2019)

Spot (Italy 2018, HD, colour, 16:9, 1′ 45”)

The Count of Mondragone (Italy 2018, HD, colour, sepia and b&w, 16:9, 107′)

Rossellini’s Actuality (with Adriano Aprà) (Italy 2018, PowerPoint, colour and b&w, 4:3, 249′)

Fronteira Festival Internacional do Filme Documentário e Experimental (2018)

11July2017 (Italy 2017, released in 2018, HD, colour, 16:9, 3′)

Italia (Italy 2017, HD, colour and b&w, Scope 2.55:1 and 1.52:1 for the repertory, 15′)

Neverland. A Coda to the Anthem (Italy 2017, HD, colour, 4:3, 14′)

Vesuvio. An Anthem (Italy 2016/17, HD, colour and b&w, Scope 2.35:1, 58′)

Capreae. Part I and II plus Coda (Italy 2016, HD, colour and b&w, 1.56:1, 32′)

Monster; or, Bride of Frankenstein (Germany 2016, HD, colour, 1.66:1, 8’/6′)

La Jolla International Fashion Film Festival, market (2017)

Giorgia (Germany 2016, HD, colour, 16:9, 7′)