Project and Memory

A movie can be everything. Not just because it always has to communicate with all kinds of art forms. It is an art form devoted to reality. The reality we see in a movie, is shaped by the emotional bonds we share with its interacting persons, animals, plants, objects and places. For me, a movie becomes a life changing experience, when its author tries to put all his memories on screen. A memory is always generated, but never limited by reality. With time passing by, it slowly takes on a life of its own. Looking at something as if it arose from the deepest part of your heart, means to open the world for your own vision of life. For those who have an open heart, there can be no misunderstanding. Maybe it cannot be described in words. But what you experience, is a reflection of your own life, and also a visionary, dream like hope for its future: project and memory.

Hi. My name is Antonio Annunziata. I’m a filmmaker and assistant director. I live and work in Rome, a city that impresses me daily.

I’m developing a coming-of-age feature film. The story spins around two teenagers, who meet and grow up in a seaside place. I want to explore love’s first encounter in the digital era, where our life’s commodification enters even sexual life.

It’s since a few years, that I’m experimenting a digital aesthetic. My works often oppose the present to the past, because it’s the digital universe that’s itself mixing up different times.

If I’ve caught your interest and you’re a filmmaker, actor or producer searching for new collaborations, contact me at my e-mail address.